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On Commercials

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Toilet paper basket is watching

Every time I’m in our downstairs bathroom, I see the toilet paper basket staring at me. It constantly reminds me of the American Express commercial showing smiley faces in everyday objects, which I love (it’s linked after the jump). I’m definitely on the bandwagon that the Super Bowl commercials have gone way downhill in the past 10 years, and coupled with the fact that we now fast-forward through commercials on DVR’ed television or only see 1 commercial every break when watching shows online, I definitely don’t feel like I see as many that stick with me anymore. Maybe I just don’t imprint as easily as I used to. There have been a few recently that I really like, though, which I almost always stop and watch when they come on. Aside from running out to buy the product, I think “desire to watch as entertainment” is the second-best response the agency could get. Watch a few of my recent favorites, after the jump.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

During one episode of LOST, we actually rewound to watch this commercial again. That’s how much it cracked us up. Kudos, ad team. (Did you know it was done in one shot, and the only digital effects are the diamonds?! Cool.)

Honda Accord – Squirrel (Super Bowl 2010)

While very much a run-of-the-mill car commercial in message, I freakin’ LOVE the art direction Honda has been using in this series. Show me s’more saturated polygon love anyday.

Google – Parisian Love

This was probably my favorite commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl, possibly usurped only by the Dennys screaming chickens (two commercials that couldn’t be more different from each other). Google doesn’t exactly need to advertise, so the fact that they did, and kept it simple and classy, continues my feeling that if they’re taking over the world, I might just be okay with it. I’m a romantic so this one got me a little misty-eyed.

Method – Shiny Suds

This is so wrong, I love it.

Got any recommendations of ones I’ve missed?

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  1. Christi says:

    I have never seen that Shiny Suds… lmfao..

  2. Matt says:

    @Christi: LOL! If I had access to a fireman’s pole, I would feel compelled to learn that too.

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