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Monochrome & The Marshes

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This past weekend was jam-packed with all sorts of shenanigans. Brian and Alana (“The Marshes”) joined Adam and I for almost all of it, bopping from place to place around Rochester. We started out at the Dachshund Parade, where several hundred people and their wiener dogs came out to mingle, show off their outfits, and walk through Washington Square Park. It was a ridiculous (in a good way) and crazy lil’ dog convention:

(above) This is mere seconds before the poor dog puked *twice* from all the excitement.

Having worked up a Saturday morning appetite, we next headed to the Public Market, picking up vegetables, Amish cookies, coffee at Java’s, bread, and, of course, empanadas.


We spent several hours of the afternoon browsing around the George Eastman House, both inside the galleries and out in the gardens. The current Colorama exhibit about Kodak’s giant transparencies which rotated through Grand Central Station for decades was the spark for going, and it was fantastic. Everything, from the science behind making such large prints, to the locations and fabulous 60s outfits, was wonderful and I was really glad we went. It was also a beautifully overcast day, so we spent some time wandering around the damp gardens before splitting for several hours.

Eastman Gardens


(right) The portraits through the ages gallery let you trace your own (er, rather, have a friend trace) silhouette. We traced all four of ours onto one piece of paper, so now it’s ART!

Oh yeah?

Adam and I had a really nice dinner with Michelle & Aaron at their house — salmon, homemade strawberry ice cream, tickling foot massages, and extensive conversation about the Asian DVD bootlegging industry — and then re-met up with Brian & Alana to see “Date Night” at Movies 10. I was happily surprised: really fun performances in an otherwise lukewarm film left me feeling positive about it. We randomly ended up landing at the Henrietta Applebee’s afterward, only to find out they were having a “full moon” party and their first ever karaoke night. Coinciding with Alana’s birthday, we all shared finger food, had drinks (above), watched our waiter, Tim, perform several songs, and finally Brian and I went up and sang “Don’t Stop Believing.” The two of us were joined by our new friend (whose name I didn’t get, so we’ll just call her Saffron) who sang with us, danced for us, threw her arms around us and encouraged us to forcibly “rape the song through its throat-hole” (Adam captured some of it on video with his cell phone — you may want to turn down your speakers). After that, Saffron taught me how to play “Ninja, Cowboy, Bear” a full-body take on Rock-Paper-Scissors, we got chocolate mousse for Alana, and called it a night.

Sunday was a day alternated between productive tinkering around the house, and extensive napping:

Nap buddies

Later in the evening, we all met up again at “What’s Ur Scoop?”, a new ice cream stand in Penfield, so I could take some photos of their dog-friendly frozen yogurt. Not that we needed an excuse to get ice cream, even on a rainy day. Brian & Alana’s Boston-terrier-beagle-mix, Murphy, went to town on his bowl, complete with a dig-biscuit at the bottom.

Murphy gets his treat

Some design-work and photo-processing while watching “Up” rounded out the night and concluded a really awesome weekend!

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  1. Katie says:

    I like the silhouettes! So cool!

  2. Dresden Engle says:

    Hey, Matt … loved the pix in this week’s “City” re ice cream and doggies .. and loved your Eastman House images on this site! Thx for visiting and posting. So glad you had a cool experience! My BEST to you!

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