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Tricerabration! An archelogical shindig 17 years in the making!

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The MAMA’s House party of the summer, “Tricerabration”, is just one week away! Have you forgotten? How could you forget?!! In case you’ve got a bad case of brachiosaurus brain, here’s our brand-spankin’ new trailer to remind you that your summer officially kicks it into Jurassic gear next weekend! Details are slowly trickling out, but all you *really* need to know is contained within the trailer or our Facebook event. Ready now?! We hope to see you on June 19th!

Extra special thanks to Kevin Gustina who joined the voice-over madness this time around, and did some fantastic vocal gymnastics for us.

14 MB, Flash Video, 3 mins

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One Response to “Tricerabration! An archelogical shindig 17 years in the making!”

  1. Eric Rezsnyak says:

    Is there an Emmy Award for internet video voiceovers? Because I think Laura Dern deserves the nod. This could be her comeback!

    Inspired work as as always, folks. I especially liked watching that little twerp get electrified off the fence again. Fun fact: that actor is all growed up now and recently starred in Steven Spielberg’s World War II mini-series “The Pacific” on HBO. I hope he got electrified there too.

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