August 31, 2010 2

“Our State Fair is a Great State Fair”

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For a day of downtime in between mountains of work, MAMA’s House, honorary member Kevin G, and “Friends of the House” Brian & Alana all ventured to the New York State Fair on its opening weekend this season. It was very State Fair-like: barns of animals, delicious fried food, Native American dance demonstrations, seizure-inducing midway lights, wine slushies and lots of walking, but sadly an epic fail at Adam’s & my favorite game to play in the public: “Spot the Hotties.” There were none. Absolutely none. It was tragic. That aside, it was good fair-times. A selection of photos, after the jump.


Discover the magic of llamas


Chicken barn!!

"Baby Ducks!!!"

Aminals barns

It's so gosh darn fluffy

The Skeleton Crew

Asleep amongst the cows

Butter sculpture

Horticulture building


Building a longhouse Native American Dance

Don't forget

Night at the fair

Mug & hats

Step right up

Midway at night

On board


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2 Responses to ““Our State Fair is a Great State Fair””

  1. Christi says:

    LMAO those pictures are great! I have named my favorites below.. and since I don’t know what you named them yourself, I have come up with my own variations 😛 Because it’s fun.

    Sketchy Llama is watching you sketchily.
    Baby Ducks! … !!
    Finding a spot amongst the cows
    Marzipan Village! (It looks like one anyway)
    Eerily still clouds in a sea of motion

  2. MattD says:

    Thanks Christi! I like re-naming! “Sketchy Llama is watching you sketchily” is pretty much the exact description of what was happening. I tried marzipan once, at the museum, and I don’t remember liking it. Then again, the one I tried was a prop so it had probably been sitting out for a week. The actual sculpture in the picture is made a butter, though, and I’m pretty sure would be significantly easier to crush than marzipan.

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