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Surprise Sixtieth

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Ms Rinere

Back in July, Rachel & Brenda threw their mom a surprise 60th birthday party. Beach-themed, in the church basement, with lots of friends, it was a happenin’ good time. We ate, we danced, we wished Ms. Rinere a happy birthday, and everyone marveled at the awesome old newspaper photos of her & Mr. Ludwig (“Wow! Your hair used to be SO LONG!”). Read on for selected photos and some shots of the invitations I designed.

She arrives!

Photo board

Centerpiece Smile purdy Sampler plate

Confetti Rachel

Peter & Brenda


Rachel scoops sherbet SUCCESS!!

Confetti Kids

Adam with starry eyes

Dancin' Ladies

Cake shadow


Rachel had asked me to design the party invitations, so I boiled down the gigundo amount of text into a multi-fold card.

Kathy's 60th Invite

Kathy's 60th Invite

The creases, colored backgrounds, and arrows attempted to guide you through the different parts of the event: what to bring, where to go, who to contact, what sort of nostalgic pictures to bring, etc. If you got overwhelmed, though, the invite ended in a poster you could cut-out which included all the information on one page. Here’s a video of an invite being unfolded:


They were big and required a lot of assembly though, so our handy crew of Rachel, Brenda, Adam, Kevin G and I cut, folded, and inserted ’em into envelopes with the help of our trusty friend wine. Thanks wine! Thine.

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4 Responses to “Surprise Sixtieth”

  1. Rachel says:

    Matt I heart you! A lot, a lot.

  2. Kevin says:

    Coolest invitations evah. And I love how everyone sparkles. Or is wearing sparkles.
    PS. why must you include my g-force face in online postings? It’s amazingly craptacular.

  3. Christi says:

    awww looks like lotsa lotsa fun! And those invites are devinnnne. I love them. Do you have any left that I may have for a Matt-souvenier? I want to put it in my collection that may or may not include past paper-items you’ve made, as well as a lock of your hair and a piece of ABC gum… DDDD=

  4. MattD says:

    Rachel: Hearts back a’cha!

    Kevin: Because you’re just so gosh-darn HAPPY! And yeah, it’s hilarious to go through the photos and see everyone wearing confetti, only partially on purpose.

    Christi: Aww shucks! 😛 Rachel may have some around still, I’ll have to look.

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