September 4, 2010 2

Backdrops & Crossed Arms

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Matt on Orange

Brian, for his website
Whitney, for her senior photos
Matt W, just because

For my cousin Whitney’s senior photos, we did a mix of her in her soccer uniform in front of her High School, in front of blue and black backdrops in a “studio” setting, and a few of her at the George Eastman House gardens. She’s adorable and totally a breeze to work with. Anybody need some fashion photos done? She’ll totally work for clothes.

Whitney Whitney Whitney





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2 Responses to “Backdrops & Crossed Arms”

  1. Christi says:

    I can’t believe Whitney is a senior…!!! And Brian looks great in that photo. So does Matt W. But I don’t know him.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Christi! Regarding Whitney: I know, right?! It’s so crazy.

    Matt thinks his forehead looks too “wrinkly,” but I like it. After a long period of learning how to apply “fashion-smoothing” to people’s faces, I’m coming back around to now being fascinated by how people’s faces AREN’T smooth.

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