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ImageOut 18: First Weekend

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ImageOut’s opening weekend was really great this year: talking with friends I haven’t seen in a year, taking a lot of photos of patrons and guests, and seeing some VERY good movies! “Undertow,” in particular, was a truly wonderful film that’s gonna stick with me for awhile. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but in case you’re not following the ImageOut Facebook account, here are 20 of my favorite photos that I’ve shot at the festival so far. There are still over 30 films still to go — come check one out with Adam and I! See his blog to read brief descriptions of what we’re seeing, with links to full descriptions / trailers

Photo of the Audience

Jeff, Kevin & Todd at Eros

Guys from "The Four-Faced Liar" Opening Night!

Deanna Joe M. Michael G.

Guys from the UofR's YellowJackets

Deanna at Edibles

Paul Allen, in the window seat

Jeffrey Friedman

Jesse, Casper & Michael G

Members' Brunch at Edibles

Israel Luna Jesse & Casper

Michael Gamilla is judging you. Right now.

More judging glances coming from Michael Gamilla throughout the rest of the week as ImageOut continues!

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