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ImageOut 18: Second Weekend

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Closing Night at The Dryden

The closing weekend of ImageOut was amazing: insanely fun and jam-packed! I can’t believe we fit so much in, especially amidst all the films! After our film on Thursday night, Adam and I headed to Jay’s Diner for late-night food, only to run into Michael Gamilla and director Keith Hartman (“You Should Meet My Son”) there, too. The four of us sat together, ate, talked about films in the IO lineup, what it’s like to write in L.A., and whether the score to “The Social Network” was supportive or annoying (or both!). We had such a great conversation that we lost track of time and didn’t end up leaving until after 3am!

Keith Hartman "You Should Meet My Son"

On Friday, I needed cookies real bad, so I made oatmeal cookies with chocolate and butterscotch chips, and then Adam, Michelle, Aaron and I went to the U of R for the screening of Keith’s film, “You Should Meet My Son.” It was really cute, hilarious, and had some great tender moments throughout. The four of us went to Zebb’s afterward, sharing wings and gravy-covered fries, while Aaron taught us how to turn a straw into a whistle and Michelle filled us in on the high-energy life of a nanny.

Adam, introducing "I Killed My Mother" poster
Cathy in the sun
Adam Huss

Saturday brought with it gorgeous autumn sun, the arrival of Cathy, and the screening of “I Killed My Mother” (which I had designed posters for and Adam stood up at the podium and introduced!) with Kevin G, Rachel, Cathy, and Katie. They all seemed to really enjoy the film — Adam’s favorite of the entire festival, this year — and audience response that we heard was also extremely positive! Following that was the screening of “Is It Just Me?” which was a cute romantic comedy, finished off with a Q&A with actor Adam Huss, who plays the main character’s go-go-dancer roommate in the film.

Paul & Michael Closing Night Jess & Jay
Brian, Bill & Gerry .
Pauline & Jessica Jay & Adam
Deanna .

The Closing Night screening of “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” had one of the best audiences I’ve ever been in: they gasped, they sobbed, they applauded — they were hilarious. All for a period lesbian costume drama. Weird. The party at The Stathallan hotel was also a lot of fun, with dancing, a bartender who didn’t know how to make a rum and coke, Gerry showing me lots of photos of hot U of R guys, and lots of other silliness. Adam and I ended up staying until past 2am, when the staff was vacuuming, sitting at a small table chatting with Jay and Adam. Near the end of the night, actor Adam Huss also asked us if we knew of a haunted house in the area, and if so would we go to one with him. . .

Stuffed Meatloaf

Sunday we saw the Youth shorts program, “He’s Such a Girl” with Kara, and then were on our way to dinner when we ran into Keith again in a parking lot who invited us to come have dinner with him and his friend Alex at Shea’s. Once there, we ran into Brian Smith and it turned into a quick, but fun dinner outing. I think everyone ordered a variation on mac and cheese except me (I went with the stuffed meatloaf). We talked about Alex’s previous jobs in the area, how Adam and I unintentionally hold DVDs hostage, and Keith and I quoted lines from “Addams Family Values” until we giggled.

House of Pain

We said farewell to Keith as he left to catch his plane back to L.A., and headed home to suddenly be plunged right into Halloween: Tracey & Bill dropped off our yearly gigantic pumpkin, Rachel & Anna started watching Zombieland, and Michael Gamilla called to see if we wanted to go to a haunted house with himself, Jay, and actor Adam Huss who was dying to go. So, we skipped our last ImageOut movie, and the five of us headed to “The House of Pain” on Rochester’s Main Street, in the old Eastman Dental Hospital, across from the Auditorium Theatre. Probably one of the best abandoned buildings in Rochester, the place was insanely creepy in its own right, but to now have distant screams and loud noises coming from within it? Nuts. Everyone was jittery, so I agreed to go first and lead our group.

It was pretty scary and really awesome, so I won’t spoil it with too many details, but the most terrifying parts for me were: a hallway in complete darkness where your only hope to figure out where to go was to feel your way through, another long hallway where I ran into a pocket of extremely cold air but no other breeze, and Adam H. constantly grabbing me! We were told that the staff wouldn’t touch us if we didn’t touch them, so when Adam H. would hold on to my shoulders or scream and then cling to me, it freaked me out way more often than any of the prepared scares! Thus, the whole place did its job, and the actual ghost stories about the building that the staff told us once “safely” back outside on the porch were really creepy too. I’d definitely recommend it.

Inspecting Desserts .Me, Adam, Michael, & Adam

Afterward, we went in search of coffee and Adam H. spotted an ‘open’ sign at Jembetat Gallery and Cafe, which I had completely forgotten about. We all got drinks and desserts — blueberry pie, gelato, sugar cookies, and the Bavarian apple torte that I had (with layers of shortbread, cheesecake, and apple pie filling – WOW) — and sat around in the gallery for an hour. Turns out Adam H. is a big geek, watches Glee & True Blood, was at Comic-Con last year, and loves anything and everything having to do with Halloween. Our kind of guy! Plus, Michael Gamilla divulged the secret contents of his DVR and a nickname I’d never heard anyone call him. It was a relaxing, amazing way to end one of the best weekends of the year, and a great cap to end this year’s ImageOut as well.

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