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‘P’ is for Photo, ‘Queue’ is for ImageOut

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Queue'd Up

Sometimes the most rushed photo shoots are also the most fun. I wanted to avoid a collage of film stills for CITY’s preview of this year’s ImageOut film festival (written by the talented Dayna Papaleo), so I suggested we put together a queue line of people to pose for the cover. It ended up being a bit more problematic to plan than originally thought (surprise, surprise) — models dropping out, rain preventing me from shooting outside The Little as originally intended, and not having as many stanchion posts as I needed — but the shoot itself went great. Since nothing I do can be ever be simple, though, a couple more hours of Photoshop work went into tweaking the photo, partly to fix issues and partly just for fun. So, here’s a few things you might not have noticed about this week’s cover image:

  • Deanna & KaeLyn are reading the issue of CITY that they appear on the cover of.
  • Deanna’s popcorn box (and Connor’s soda cup, elsewhere in the image) has been branded for ImageOut.

  • Jay’s lanyard, actually my photo pass, now says “What Up Jay?” on it.

  • I borrowed the stanchion posts from ImageOut, but they only had 2 posts, so I had to improvise. One of Lee’s light-poles stood in, Adam found purple duct-tape, and I had to Photoshop extensions onto both ends of the queue in the final image. This meant redrawing the floor, the shadows, Sally’s left shoe, and re-shading the dropped-in light stand.
  • Part of the light-stand was a huge pain, though, and with limited time to fiddle, I ended up just trying to disguise it and had to leave it. So now there’s a “disembodied” part of a light stand stuck behind Jamie’s right leg, but in front of his foot. Weird.

I had a great group of models donate their time, lots of help finding said models from Doug, Michael, and Kevin at ImageOut, and the always-excellent, always-abused assistance of my awesome boyfriend.  I’m truly grateful that I know so many people willing to donate their time and help out and it really means a lot to me. Thanks very much to everyone!

All this talk of queue lines make you yearn to stand outside a theater? ImageOut starts THIS FRIDAY! Adam and I will be there everyday for over a week, so check out what we’re seeing and come on down and join us, why don’cha?! 😀

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4 Responses to “‘P’ is for Photo, ‘Queue’ is for ImageOut”

  1. KaeLyn says:

    Did you actually edit my double chin?! LOL

  2. Deaan says:

    Had a blast with the shoot. Thanks for picking a flattering pic!

  3. MattD says:

    KaeLyn: Everyone got a very small amount of cosmetic touch-up. You’d mentioned it when we were there, so I figured why not? 😛

    Deanna: Thanks! You and KaeLyn were laughing so much, there are so many great ones of you two!

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