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An Excerpt from the Excerpt Process

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An excerpt from the reading of excerpts from MAMAs House

Remember all those times you were bored in the womb? Wouldn’t it have been better if you’d had a zany mix disc to pass the time? I think so. When Rachel told me that she and Kevin were driving up to Boston, I immediately wanted to make her a mix disc to liven up the drive. But! I’d always wanted to make a book on tape! So, I combined them! I was able to enlist Anna & Adam to help as well — first begrudgingly, and then enthusiastically, of course. We read snippets from picture books, essays, novels, and scenes from several scripts (“Before Sunrise,” “Inception,” and “Star Wars”) all for the purpose of keeping Rachel and Kevin awake and alert so they wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel. And ya know what? Scattered in between songs Adam and I picked out, it made for a pretty ridiculous mix disc, and a good time.

If nothing else, we’ve been told that hearing Adam, Anna, and I read “the garbage room” from Star Wars is worth the download alone. Especially if you’re stuck in the womb.

See the tracklist, cover art and grab the download link over at my Mix CDs.

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    OMG I want this sooo much… but I think I’m being dumb and I can’t find the download link… DD: Halp?

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