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Scores of the Season

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"Scores of the Season" - Disc 2

Merry Christmas! Need some background music for your Christmas Day gift-unwrapping? Or dinner with your family? Sick of the same old holiday tunes but still want something festive? Ever wondered how I’d finally tie Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a soundtrack mix? Well look no further, Christmas-friend! “Scores of the Season” has finally arrived! A mix of scores from movies and television related to Christmas, set at Christmas, or simply pertaining to the cold, snowy, winter-y end of the year, this 2-disc (!) mix of suites and themes covers it all. From “Cold Mountain” to “Scrooged,” “Harry Potter” to “Home Alone”, this mix is sure to get you in that December spirit!

DISC 1 (96 MB, ZIP / MP3) | DISC 2 (95 MB, ZIP / MP3)
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"Scores of the Season" "Scores of the Season"

I have a limited quantity of ‘Scores of the Season’ on physical disc, if that’s still your thing (it sure is mine!). Printed discs come in 2 slimline cases with track list cards and paper bow & ribbons to tie the cases together. Copies are FREE, but limited; simply message me / comment / let me know that you’d like one and I’ll be sure to get you one until I run out!

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3 Responses to “Scores of the Season”

  1. Molly says:

    Can I get a real one?! I’ll reimburse you for shipping. 😀

  2. THP says:

    So glad I know about this blog nao.


  3. Laura Pease says:

    Choir director looking for instrumental accompaniment for “Merry Christmas Merry Christmas”. Is this complete? The U-Tube has a cut… Possible to hear it before ordering?

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