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CITY 2010: Jan-Feb

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I love end-of-the-year wrap-up posts: I love seeing what people’s favorite photos from the year were, or what were their defining memories. Since we know I’m terribly slow at blogging, I don’t often attempt them. But this year is gonna be different because I want to be the kind of person who DOES make end-of-the-year lists! That’s an easily-accomplished resolution right? Well, moreso than an exercise routine or plans to read all the books covering my nightstand?

Since I’m creeping in on 3 years at the art department of CITY Newspaper, but rarely post about it, I thought it’d be good for posterity — and informative for myself — to go through and pick out my favorite assignments from the past year. Some were positive experiences, while others simply resulted in good pictures (I’ve also tried to include some outtakes when appropriate). I’ve tried to limit my choices, but since 52 papers and 10+ special sections yield a lot, I’ve decided to split the posts up into 2-month groupings, aiming to get one out a week.

Kicking the year off with January and February, let me know what YOUR favorites are or if there’s something you think is shit and should’ve been excluded! Ptui!

University of Rochester

Federal Building

Jan 6 | The University of Rochester library and the Federal Building, for The Untaxables, an article about properties in the city that receive some form of tax relief.


Jan 13 | For a dining roundup of local nachos, Rachel, Adam, and I headed out on a snowy night to the Merchants Grill. Despite being a short drive from our apartment, we’d never been there. We’d happily return, though, as the food was good — the nachos were great — and our waitress was heavy on the sass.

Cobbs Hill


Winter Guide | A “review” of several local sledding hills sent a very brave Adam, and I, to Cobbs Hill Park on an exceptionally freezing cold day (Weather Underground says that the temperature was around 23 degrees BEFORE windchill and NOT on a hill) where I made poor Adam sit on a sled and travel down a hill, only for us to end up running a photo of him from the top of the hill (which Max used really nicely!). He’s a trooper.

Couch Potato

Winter Guide | At the time, Adam described this shoot as the best one ever: we needed a lead image for Dayna’s article on great TV shows on DVD, so I got to borrow lots of box sets from people for the image. Adam kept saying “I wanna see this! OOH, and THIS!” And how many did we watch? Zip.

Browncroft Monument Browncroft Monument Browncroft Monument

Jan 27 | I had no idea these Browncroft neighborhood monuments even existed before this.

Strawberry Waffles

Jan 27 | Danielle & Joe were super nice to me when I showed up on a snowy morning to photograph a waffle at their new restaurant, the Union Station Diner. Danielle used to work at the South Wedge Diner, Joe played for the Rochester Knighthawks, and the restaurant actually had nice, minimalistic business cards. Sadly that building on University Ave seems doomed, as Union Station closed less than 11 months later — the third business to occupy that space in as many years. Best of luck, Red Jalepenos Cafe. Hope you’re not the fourth.

Roderick Green

Feb 3 | LEFT: Roderick Green, the executive director of the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. RIGHT: Walter Hendrix Jr. pours coffee as part of his job for the Work-Scholarship program. Yes, his name is Walter despite the fact that his name tag says James. Don’t pay it any more attention.

Jeff Kaczorowski

Feb 3 | Doctor Jeff Kaczorowski, with his daughter Emma, also for the Hillside article. They had a wonderful father-daughter dynamic and were a pleasure to work with. This photo never ran.

Dim Sum sampling

On White On Black

Feb 3 | I’m always up for food I’ve never had or seen before, so it was exciting to shoot dishes from Cantonese House for James Leach’s article on Chinese New Year. After my shoot, I brought back a take-out feast so the roommates and I could try all sorts of exotic dishes — crab claw balls, mashed tofu with golden mushrooms, and a variety of dim sum offerings. To be short, and polite, it just wasn’t for us (but James spoke favorably of it!).

Feb 10 | LEFT: J.B. Afoh-Manin, president of the 19th Ward Community Association. RIGHT: Pat Youngdahl, pastor at Downtown United Presbyterian Church. This photo, for advertising, never ran.


Feb 10 | Salsa from Hot Rosita’s on Main Street, downtown. This is an alternate from the photo that ran in print.


Feb 17 | Cover illustration for a story on the state of the unions. The teacher in the center is a mix of Rachel, Anna, and Betsy, but looks most like Rachel. The construction worker on the right is partly Max.


Feb 24 | Give me sparkly red cushions any day. The Monroe Diner on Monroe Ave. in Pittsford had lots of retro charm in the former PaRe/Mundo Grill location. While I photographed Cap’n Crunch-coated french toast, then-manager Ron Vales suggested I take home an extra-thick-cut, “overstuffed” pastrami sandwich to try since I’d never had pastrami before. I’m very hit-or-miss with rye bread, but wow was that sandwich good.

Check back next week for Part 2!

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  1. Kara says:

    The Monroe Diner shots are amazing. But then again, you are amazing.

    You bring so much passion and enthusiasm to your work and it shows.

  2. Matt says:

    :: blush :: Thanks so much Kara! Means a lot. ‘Specially from you, design-buddy!

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