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CITY 2010: March-April

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This is the second post in my series of selected work done for CITY Newspaper in 2010. Check out the first post, if you missed it, for Jan-Feb and then check back each week for another pair of months until they’re done!

Apartments and bobcats and dolls! OH MY! Spring is my least favorite season with all its rain and mud and slush (give me sun or give me snow!), but interesting shoots came left and right as the weather warmed up. The ‘Borinquen Dance’ and ‘Downtown Living’ articles, towards the end of this post, were both interesting and fun to shoot, so I put together slide shows for them on CITY’s site; definitely check out those links for arranged & captioned slide shows with lots more photos of two of my favorite articles I shot in 2010.

Cover Story: The Nuclear Option
Mar 3 | Page layout I designed for two interviews with Rochestarians discussing nuclear power.

Mar 17 | Kriston Pumphrey, photographed at RIT. Kriston founded Colorfest in 2008, “an annual weekend of entertainment, art, and educational workshops geared toward people ages 18 to 30 in the LGBT deaf community.” He was super friendly, patient, and polite and we talked a lot about changes to the RIT campus that’ve happened since I was there.

Saints & PVRTS

Saints & PVRTS

Saints & PVRTS

Mar 17 | I always love shooting the 1975 shows at Surface Salon in the South Wedge. Not only do I love Erich Lehman’s choices of artists, but Sue of the salon is just the sweetest, nicest person. It’s always a pleasure visiting! Too bad I don’t have any hair! This exhibit was “Saints and PRVRTS” featuring work by St. Monci and Mr. Prvrt.

Daisy Flour Mill

Daisy Flour Mill Daisy Flour Mill
Annual Manual | Outtakes from a shoot at the Daisy Flour Mill, a restaurant and party house in Penfield, for one of the “Neighborhood” features.

Anderson Alley Artists
Annual Manual | Jan Hewitt Towsley and Evelyn Kitson, photographed in their shared studio in Anderson Alley. This is the very last photo I took before my Nikon D50 kicked the bucket. It actually died AS I took THIS photo, before I’d had time to finish adjusting any settings, so thank goodness it turned out well after some processing as it was the only shot I got!

East Ave Architecture
Annual Manual | An architecture firm on East Ave, for an article on (go figure) the architecture of buildings on East Ave.

Mar 24 | BOBCAT CHALLENGE! Leslie Zinck (left) of Lovin’ Cup in Henrietta and Joe McBane (right) of Tap & Mallet in the South Wedge decided to have a friendly competition between custom beers each bar had brewed. A showdown was held, fans filled the room, and whomever took longer to sell beer and tap their custom keg had to take home the dreaded stuffed bobcat to display proudly in their bar!

Chili Doll Hospital

Chili Doll Hospital Chili Doll Hospital
Chili Doll Hospital Chili Doll Hospital
Mar 31 | The Chili Victorian Doll Museum (and hospital). Owner Linda Greenfield and I spent quite awhile talking about my former Raggedy Ann & Andy collection, how dolls have changed over time, and the evolution of toy packaging. A very knowledgeable woman and a nice little place for collectors and toy enthusiasts to check out. Probably not good for anyone will even a mild case of “that doll is far too creepy and is going to come after me in the night”-fear, though.

Kelly at GAGV
April 7 | Everyone at the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley (GAGV) is just so freaking nice, and director of community safety Kelly Clark is no exception. It’s really great every time I have a shoot there. Plus, their office is upstairs at the Auditorium Theatre, which I think is a pretty neat location. Ripe for exploring, someday.

Borinquen Dance

Borinquen Dance Borinquen Dance Borinquen Dance

Borinquen Dance

Borinquen Dance Borinquen Dance
Borinquen Dance Borinquen Dance

Borinquen Dance

April 7 | Definitely one of my favorite assignments of the year, photographing rehearsals of the Borinquen Dance Theatre troupe at the Hochstein School of Music & Dance was tons of fun (CHECK OUT THE SLIDE SHOW). I attended two rehearsals on nights and weekends, met a lot of the students and got to shoot portraits of them between numbers. Artistic director Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez was awesome, too: paused rehearsals when I needed certain shots, worked her schedule into mine, and even answered questions for me later via e-mail for captioning. All while still being firm yet warm to her students. It was such a great experience that Adam and I even attended the recital, which was SUPER cool and different from anything else we’ve ever gone to. If you have any interest in dance, you should definitely check out Casey Carlsen’s great article.


Warner Lofts

DSC_0040 copy DSC_0042 copy DSC_0080 copy2

DSC_0182 copy

DSC_0232 copy
Cover story: Downtown in Demand

April 21 | Tim’s cover story on “Downtown in Demand” was cool because I got to go a bunch of places I’d always wanted to: a rooftop with a view in the middle of downtown (The Warner Lofts), that oddly-freestanding building in the parking lot of Geva (250 South Ave), and the colorful, new private residence next to The Little (234 East Ave). Between an advertising shoot, this shoot, and then the Inside Downtown tour in the summer, the Warner Lofts certainly seem like a plum place to live. Similarly, when owner-architect Mark Pandolf showed me the one remaining concrete-floored, large-windowed space at 250 South Ave I couldn’t help but decorate it in my mind. Getting a private tour of 234 East Ave by its architect, Jeffrey LaDue, however, was like something out of a TV show: basement sauna, private bar, courtyard with waterfall, custom metal finials on the staircase, an elevator, 2 upper-story decks, and a sunken Roman-bath style bathtub with skylight. All that, plus the fact that I was given very strict requirements of what I could and could not photograph made the whole place seem a bit unreal. Not only did I do the page layout for the article in print, I also put together a SLIDE SHOW OF ADDITIONAL PHOTOS.

360 | 365 Film Festival
April 28 | Cover illustration for Dayna’s guide to the newly re-titled 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival. I try to incorporate some of the cover illustration elements into the page layout whenever I can.

Check back next week for Part 3!

St. Monci and Mr. Prvrt St

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