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CITY 2010: May-June

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This is the third post in my series of selected work done for CITY Newspaper in 2010. Be sure to check out the previous posts: PART 1 | PART 2.

Summertime and the living is BUSY! From dining to superadobes, and buskers to Summer Guide, May-June is certainly the busy season at CITY. There’s so much stuff in here, I’ll cut right to the chase…

DSC_0006 copy
May 5 | More buildings should have their signs painted on brick walls. It just looks so COOL. (For Chris’ article on the South Wedge Farmers Market)


May 5 | In early Spring the Jembetat Gallery on Park Ave expanded to include a cafe. I’ll admit that at first I was a little skeptical, but now I’ve been several times because it’s insanely solid: quiet atmosphere, interesting artwork, and an excellent selection of fancy, locally-made desserts. Every staff member I’ve dealt with has been unbelievably friendly and it’s open late on Sunday nights! I seriously can’t say a bad word about the place.

Steak and Gorgonzola Sanwich
DISH | I don’t think I’d ever eaten gorgonzola before this sandwich (for Kate’s round-up of fancy sandwiches). I’m glad I tried it. I don’t think it’s for me.

May 12 | Rochester’s director of zoning, Art Ientilucci, photographed in this wonderfully retro staircase in the middle of the otherwise very classical-looking City Hall. I really enjoy the way Max treated the photo for the article (right).

Indoor Picnic
May 12 | A picnic of falafel and hummus from Sinbad’s, shot on the floor of Katie’s apartment for picnic-authenticity. We used a different photo in print.

May 19 | Michael Marinan, coordinator of the Monroe County Children’s Center. The waiting room (right) had these amazing bucket chairs made by some of the youth in the detention facility, and I loved the old-school Coke machine.


DSC_0261 copy
May 19 | Shea’s on East Ave. I brought the mac n’ cheese trio back to the office and Aubrey and I gobbled it up. Our favorite was the Macaroni Con Queso (mac n’ cheese with a spicy mix of black beans, chorizo, lime tequila, pepper jack and topped with pico di gallo).

"The Future of Reading"
May 26 | I created the cover illustration (and a header graphic) for the feature story on ‘The Future of Reading’ symposium at RIT. If you’re interested in how books and e-readers can coexist, you should check out Ron’s article.

Morning Construction
May 26 | Outtake from an article on why there’s an inordinate amount of construction goin’ on in the city.

Jon Crocca

Jeremiah Tracy Matt Sauer Bethany Robinson

Christopher Wilke

Jenna Weintraub Katie Ernst Tom Mark

Best Busker
June 2 | CITY thought up, produced, and organized a “Best Busker” competition throughout the East End district. Similar to our other “neighborhood walk” events, people could explore a neighborhood and purchase “ridiculous deals” from area businesses, sampling restaurants and stores that they might not have ever been to while also returning to old favorites. This one featured the added element of acoustic solo street musicians up and down East Ave playing to collect the most guitar picks and win prizes. Geoffrey Saunders (bottom), a member of the band Walri, won. (See the slide show for more buskers)

Bret Garwood
June 16 | This was the second time I’d photographed Bret Garwood, the city’s extremely easy to work with director of development services. The first was during my earliest days at CITY and was a terrible picture: in his office, straight-on-head-shot style, fluorescent lights but strangely dark — blegh. So when the opportunity arose to update it, I jumped at it, and think it’s a vast improvement.

Allen Douglas' "Gary the Gastropod"

Allen Douglas' "Mr. Tucket" Josh Marrah's "Ophelia"
June 23 | Photographing an art exhibit is always better when I get to go with Becka. Her personal interpretation of work is fascinating to listen to first-hand. I only found a few pieces I liked at the Gallery r “ArtTech” show (though I was blown away by Allen Douglas’ digital paintings, top and left), but Becka pointed out pieces that I hadn’t even given a second-glance to (like Josh Marrah’s “Ophelia,” right). She’s got a great eye, is wicked smart, and writes extremely well, so if you’re not reading her art reviews (not to mention her other articles), you’re missing out.

June 16 | Barbecue pork with sides from CJ’s Southern Food. Owner/chef CJ Grimes and his wife were extremely nice people, which is why it’s even sadder that their restaurant closed in a little under 6 months.

June 30 | “Superadobes […] are resilient, green-friendly structures that are easy and inexpensive to build.” Made of bags of coiled earth, the beehive-like structure off Webster Ave is “the first to be built in New York State and is serving as a training model” for others like it to be built in Haiti and other disaster/poverty-stricken countries that need more permanent housing. Check out my slide show and Tim’s article for more.

Murphy gets his treat

June 30 | Penfield ice cream parlor ‘What’s Ur Scoop’ has doggie-safe ice cream! Brian and Alana were nice enough to bring Murphy out for some photos on a drizzly evening, and in exchange he got ice cream and a dog biscuit. Not a bad deal. (These are b&w outtakes from the shoot)

Road Trips
"Day Trip" Compass Headers


Summer Calendar

Summer Guide 2010 The Grand Jell-O

Upstate Summer

Planetarium, Dawn
SUMMER GUIDE | I had a blast with Summer Guide this year: I did the 48-page guide’s layout, illustrated header graphics for each article, and took several photos for the events calendar (all above).(The publication’s cover was designed by Max with a photo by Jeff Marini.) I tried to work as many photos into the entire publication as I could so it’d be insanely colorful and summer-y, and made a whole bunch of collages for the web version of Eric’s very smart day-to-day calendar. | I wanted the headers to have an old travel poster feel to them to correlate with the road-trip articles, and it was fun to work with verticals (which are rare for us) and carry the style through all 7 of them. | The Jell-O is actually photographed on a hoodie as it was the only dark blue fabric I had at the time. | The forest afternoon is a MAMA’s House barbecue at Mendon Ponds, which we had so I could get this photo. | I photographed the planetarium just after 4am to get the color and light I wanted for it.

Halfway through the year! Whew! Check back next week for Part 4!

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