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Eventful day is eventful

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You know those days where you just can’t believe how much happened within 24 hours? The morning and afternoon were spent working on the HF-L Alumni Art book (with last-minute assistance from Katie who was a huge help), but then Adam and I made cookies and, with the rest of MAMA’s House, joined 10 other friends for Chinese New Year lion dancing celebration at Shanghai in Henrietta. Mixed-up reservations left us at the bar, smack in the middle of other people waiting for tables, busy waiters trying to get through, and the lions getting into costume!

Everyone had a few drinks, the lions fought for cabbage, and then we all smooshed around a single round table for our meal. When we tried to order, our waitress told us that we didn’t order nearly enough food and made us add more (“How about ‘Happy Family’?” she asked, and we cheered). She told us they were out of dumplings, but somehow found a giant bowl of them for us anyway. A giant pitcher of red mixed drinks arrived out of nowhere, platters and platters of food we didn’t order came in addition to what we had (“There’s no charge” she hurriedly told us on her way  back to the kitchen), and the owner brought us a teapot of warm sake to end the meal with (“Thanks for waiting” he said). In the end we had way WAY more food than we could possibly eat, Kate made out with her creamy shrimp boyfriend, Max found the longest lo-mein noodle ever to have existed, Todd became a master of chopsticks and tried to get a job as a Lazy Susan turner, and no one left hungry.

Afterward, we carpooled to Max & Amy’s house for a rollicking board game night: Party Playoff (“The Yelling game”), Apples to Apples, Taboo; hummus, chips, desserts, beer and wine. Barbara Walters somehow lost to David Beckham (for which Eric will never forgive us), and ‘treasure hunting’ put up a good fight. It was awesome and we played well into the morning before finally heading out. On the way to taking Kate back to her car in Henrietta, the roads were awful. While trying to merge lanes to exit, I lost control of the van and we spectacularly slid backwards into a snowbank. No one was hurt, car seemed to be okay (aside from a knocked-off license plate), and no less then 3 policemen stopped to check on us. It was so icy, though, that not only did we watch a couple other cars also spin out trying to use that ramp, but the tow truck couldn’t get any traction to pull us out because he kept sliding. 3 tow trucks later, we were finally out and on our way to Wegmans to pee after all the excitement.

And to top it all off, it looks like I lost my iPod in the snowbank somewhere, and Adam and I didn’t get tickets and won’t be going to Comic-Con this year. Needless to say, when we finally got home around 4:30am, we certainly didn’t have any problem falling asleep.

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  1. Christi says:

    omggg i hope you guys are okay 🙁 That sounds like a really horrible night.

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