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Endocrin High-Five?

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The Happy Hour with Kevin Gustina

MAMA’s House was bored one Friday night in February, so we did what normal people would: we made a list of possible things to do. We then chose the thing normal people don’t do: write, act out, and film a puppet show. Deciding to use Rachel’s concept that we base it around her boyfriend Kevin’s penchant for bad jokes & then give it to him as a birthday present, we wrote up a quick script, grabbed props from all over the house, raided Kevin’s Twitter account for “actual” jokes, and finished it in a couple of hours. Filmed & edited entirely* with my iPhone, our bacon-hosted talk show – The Happy Hour with Kevin Gustina – is weird, dorky, and fun, just like everything we make at MAMA’s House. And, as usual, there are plenty of outtakes.

Concept: Rachel
Script: Matt & Rachel
Voices: Matt, Adam, Anna, Rachel
Special Guest Appearance: Zephyr
Camera: Adam & Matt
Lights: Rachel & Anna
Graphics & Editing: Matt

Approx. 1 hour to plan, 2 hours to film, and 3 hours to edit

* Some minor audio tweaking of the music occurred in Goldwave and the title cards were created in Photoshop, but everything else was straight-up iPhone.

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5 Responses to “Endocrin High-Five?”

  1. THP says:

    This is probably the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

  2. Kevin says:

    That’s one good lookin’ host you got there. Yup, good lickin’. Yum

  3. Catherine says:

    That was AWESOME! You guys are the best friends. Happy (belated?) Birthday, Kevin! 🙂

  4. CD says:

    Just wanted to give credit to what should have been a winning guess on the ‘What’s in the box’ competition. Can’t believe ‘home for a cute kitty’ beat ‘Arc of the Covenant’ with reference to the team not getting their faces melted. Credit where credit is due.

  5. Matt says:

    Todd & Catherine: Thanks! Glad you guys liked it! 😀

    CD: LOL, thanks! Cute kitties got nothin’ on arcs when it comes down to it.

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