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Gettin’ Baked

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It’s tough to photograph food that you desperately want to eat. It’s even worse to photograph food that other people really want to eat. For both reasons it’s difficult to photograph anything we’ve ever made out of the Baked cookbooks. Adam saw the original, Baked, on the shelf at Borders and bought it on a whim. It made such delicious desserts that we picked up the sequel, Baked Explorations, the week it came out, and boy if they haven’t been worth every penny. Just about every recipe we’ve made from them has been amazing, so they’ve become our go-to books for dessert recipes. Below are some of the hastily-photo’d-to-get-on-with-the-eatin’ recipes we’ve made outta the Baked books over the last two years.

(left) Root Beer Bundt Cake (right) The Baked Brownie (with butterscotch skeletons, for Katie’s birthday)

Peach & Plum Crisp (the original recipe called for pears, not peaches)

Sawdust Pie. A caramel-coconut-nut mixture, made for the Bedgemog’s birthday.

Diner-Style Chocolate Pie. Adam brought this to his family’s Thanksgiving one year.

Sunday Night Cake. Adam and I made this for the “Top Chef: Desserts” finale party in honor of contestant Eric the baker, who’s credited with this recipe.

Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake. I brought this to my family’s Thanksgiving last year.

(left) Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins (right) Buttermilk-Maple Pie. These are the two dishes we brought to Thanksgiving this year.

We’ve also made a couple of birthday cakes, cookies, and cupcakes out of the books, as well, but none of those lasted long enough to be photographed properly. I think that’s all the recommendation you really need.

Baked: New Frontiers in Baking (Amazon)
Baked Explorations (Amazon)

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