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So long, and thanks for all the turkey

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Murder Mystery

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the comforts I take for granted, however large or small, the fact that I am pretty darn happy with my life right now, and for the support & good times I’ve enjoyed with my friends and family. As I dig through my hard drives for photos & videos to edit, it’s really great to see again and again how many awesome people I know and how much fun we’ve had together.

Every once in awhile I’ve shot some video during events / gatherings over the years, but most of it has never seen the light of day before. Max was kind enough to let me borrow his laptop for a night so I could use iMovie and continue my return into the dark world of video editing with footage from two of these events: the 2010 trip to Comic-Con and a murder mystery at Christi & Rocky’s.

I didn’t shoot much footage during my last trip to San Diego in 2010. In fact, Comic-Con, which made up the vast majority of the trip, whizzes by as a queue line, an Ugly Doll, and a crowd in the Exhibition Hall in the video. But every time I pulled out the camera and shot video is here, cobbled together for a one-minute nostalgia-for-California-fest. I’m crazy-excited to return next summer: Con is fun, California is fun, and we’ll have the best travel-buddies ever in Matt & Kara, Anna, & new-addition Molly!

For our January 2011 “monthly” group gathering, Christi & Rocky hosted a murder mystery at their apartment. Everyone got parts, name tags, and notes about our characters to read aloud. Then away we went! A lot of discussion about who shot who, who was in a relationship with who, and whether or not any of us actually liked “Hal Capone” ensured… until the killer among us was finally revealed!

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  1. Christi says:

    BAHAHAA I forgot how much fun this was. We should totally do another murder mystery for our Christmas in January!!! :DDDD

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