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Horror-holiday: Santa’s Magical Kingdom

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While visiting Brian & Alana in Missouri, we frequently passed a local roadside attraction called Santa’s Magical Kingdom – a campground decked out in hundreds of thousands of lights for the holidays. Immediately deciding we wanted to visit for a kitschy good time, Brian’s Dad agreed to drive his pickup truck, while the four of us huddled under sleeping bags in the back, for the self-guided driving tour through the displays. We never could have anticipated how horrific and bizarre the whole thing was, though: weird, hand-painted cartoon characters with strange proportions, terrifying creatures with dead eyes, warnings of elf-attacks, and old-timey Christmas music played off-key and echoing somewhere in the distance. In short: we entered a holiday horror movie, and somehow escaped with our lives. I shot video of the experience, so this is pretty much a twinkle-light-filled Blair Witch Project.

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