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Adam’s “Best Movies of the Year” 2015

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Adam’s “Best Movies of the Year” list is in this week’s CITY Newspaper. He saw SO MUCH stuff this year (seriously: over 300 films) and he gave this TONS and TONS of late-night, compare-and-contrast thought. Read it at: http://goo.gl/qN70XK

As a lover of movies in all genres, he tries very hard to leave baggage at the door, see films for what they are, what their intent was, and how they compare with other similar works. In short: every film is given the chance to tell a story, find its voice, and be a work of either great entertainment, great art, or, in the best scenarios, do both; whether it’s a soft-focus European art film or a guns-a-blazin’ popcorn action flick. He’s fantastic at getting inside the filmmakers’ intent and giving every film a fair chance, hopefully letting them surprise him in the best possible way.

Critics get a bad rap, but Adam works super hard to be fair, give credit where credit it due, but also state disappointments… not because he wants to tear anyone down, or because he purposely sees films he knows he won’t like, but because he wants to see everyone get better and make great work. It’s admirable, difficult to live up to, and I’m immensely proud of him (I’ve posted a copy of his Top 15 list on the outside of my City Hall cube, as seen in the above photo, and it’s already inspired some discussion).

Pick up a copy of the paper and give it a read. Or click the link, give it a Facebook “like” on the article, and post a comment! You don’t have to agree (everyone’s “Best of the Year” list SHOULD be different, since we all have different interests!) but hopefully it’ll encourage you to check out a film you may have missed, or give a second-chance to something you purposely passed on.

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