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Oscar Music Nominees 2015

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Oscar Music Nominees 2015 v2

It’s that time again! Check out this year’s Oscar Nominees in the Best Original Score and Best Original Song categories with my annual mix! I’ve selected roughly 11 minutes from each of the scores, so that in less than an hour you can get a taste of all five nominees, and also check out all five song nominees, as well.

We’ve got the droning atmospherics of “Sicario”, the thematic and well-known hummability of “Star Wars,” multi-national patriotic flourishes mixed into Newman’s traditional style in “Bridge of Spies,” the minimal and delicate “Carol,” and the dark-Western Italian-mentality of “The Hateful Eight.” It’s a solid (but not shocking or *crazy*) group of nominees this year.

Whether or not you agree with the Oscars (I often don’t) or think these are the five best scores of the year (I definitely don’t), it’s always interesting to see what’s nominated, hear some scores you might not’ve otherwise, and, if nothing else, you’ll be personally knowledgeable about these two categories if you watch this year’s broadcast!

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