Thomas Newman Mix

1. Angels in America (Main Title)   (Angels in America)
2. Orchard House (Main Title)   (Little Women)
3. Six Feet Under Main Theme   (Six Feet Under)
4. Dead Already   (American Beauty)
5. Arose   (American Beauty)
6. American Beauty   (American Beauty)
7. Rock Island, 1931   (Road to Perdition)
8. Road to Perdition   (Road to Perdition)
9. Quilting Theme   (How to Make An American Quilt)
10. The War (Main Theme)   (The War)
11. Shawshank Prison   (The Shawshank Redemption)
12. Shawshank Redemption   (The Shawshank Redemption)
13. Wow   (Finding Nemo)
14. Nemo Egg (Main Title)   (Finding Nemo)
15. Finding Nemo   (Finding Nemo)
16. There Was Snow (Opening)   (The Horse Whisperer)
17. End Titles   (The Horse Whisperer)
18. Meet Joe Black   (Meet Joe Black)
19. Still Dead   (American Beauty)
20. Little Women   (Little Women)
21. Meg's Hair   (Little Women)
22. Under the Umbrella (End Title)   (Little Women)
23. The Great Work Begins (End Title)   (Angels in America)
24. Tropopause   (Angels in America)
25. Angels in America (Main Title)   (Angels in America)