Recent Work
19 November 2014
Hedonist Homepage Slides

Design / Photography / Styling     “Be My Honey Bee” Designs: Brittany Statt / “Send Your Love” Designs: Rachel Oatridge

Fringe Homepage Graphics

Design     Copywriter: Benita Yen

Fringe Signs and Badges


Fringe 2017

Design / Photo Illustration     Photo: Dumitru Dragos / Copywriter: Benita Yen

"Hedonist - Halloween" video

Producer / Camera / Editor   [View Video]

Design     Coasters printed by Posey Letterpress

"Hedonist - Celebrating 10 Sweet Years" video

Producer / Camera / Editor / Motion Graphics   [View Video]

Method Machine poster

Design / Copywriting

Photography / Animation   [View “Octical” motion portraits]


Creative Direction / Design

Logo Design / Design

Creative Direction / Logo Design / Design


Creative Direction / Design

Lighting of the Liberty Pole

Design / Illustration

New Year's Eve

Design / Illustration

Yearbook Films Title Cards

Design / Animation   [View Motion Reel]

CITY Newspaper cover - ESM dean

Art Direction / Photo Illustration / Design   Photo by Mark Chamberlin   NYPA Award Winner

CITY Newspaper cover - ImageOut 2014

Photography / Photo Illustration / Design   [More Details]

CITY Newspaper cover - Annual Manual 2014

Illustration / Design / Art Direction